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Writing & Presentations

"Collaborative Storytelling in The Parable Task: the Dramaturg as Game Designer in Pervasive Performance" 

  • An account of the creation of an interactive performance/Alternate Reality Game that brings together techniques of immersive and experiential theater with pervasive game design to experiment with models of inviting the audience to participate in and co-create performance events. 

"Theatre of the Mind: A Dramaturgical Perspective on Tabletop Role-Playing Games" by Todd Brian Backus, Percival Hornak, and Nicholas Orvis

Dungeons + Drama Nerds podcast episode

"Reclaiming Queer History in Together We Write Private Cathedrals" at Generation Analog, July 2023

Production Dramaturgy


Playing Wolves by Leo Grierson, Andy's Summer Playhouse, August 2023


Orlando by Sarah Ruhl, UMass Amherst Theater, November 2022

photo by Derek Fowles


Witch by Jen Silverman, UMass Amherst Theater, February 2022

photo by Derek Fowles

URL vs IRL, Andy's Summer Playhouse, July 2019

Engagement Work

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