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by Jen Silverman, directed by Rudy Ramirez

"What if there is something amazing ahead of us, and all we have to do is burn down everything we know to get to it?"


Based on a Jacobean play written when witches were still being burned across Europe, Witch follows a devil named Scratch as he plays with the desires, grievances and ambitions of two young men, only to see him shocked and intrigued when an outcast woman becomes the first to refuse his offer. Jen Silverman's play offers a collection of richly drawn characters all forced to confront how their desires are shaped by, and may even be able to do undo, the systems of power that limit them.

WITCH poster.png
Dramaturgy Materials

poster by Fleur Kuhta

In collaboration with Assistant Dramaturg Jemma Kepner, I created a Miro collaborative whiteboard for the cast with dramaturgical information about modern witchcraft, cultural touchstones for witches and devils that one might draw inspiration from, The Witch of Edmonton, from which this play was adapted, and the history of witches in Europe.


The cast was also invited to make digital magnetic poetry, add to a collaborative mood board and playlist, and post any questions they have about the text.

Lobby Display
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