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or, magicks for unprecedented times

COVEN-19 is a community of artistic witches who are called upon to own our individual and collective power, make meaning out of utter chaos, and manifest tangible, seismic change. The Coven gathered for Samhain in fall of 2020 and Beltane in spring of 2021 at UMass Amherst and made magick together.


Specifically, we experimented with nonhierarchical devising, a dramaturgy-led creative process, and with the queering of time and performance space.

Grimoire + Social Media

We cultivated a digital grimoire to document our fall iteration of the coven, located on tumblr:

It contains peeks into our process, rituals we crafted together that we were comfortable sharing outside the coven, and reflections on coven space in general.

Check out the show's Instagram page for more looks into process over our two semesters of work:

Spring Zine

In lieu of a program, in the spring iteration of Coven-19 we crafted a zine that linked audiences to resources for supporting causes and communities in need as well as offered further examples of our work as a coven. Zines have a long countercultural history, and a DIY alternative to a traditional program appealed to us.

The spring Zine Team included myself, Jemma Kepner, and Tory Vazquez. Layout by me; illustrations by Maegan Clearwood.


poster art by Winter Williams

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